sábado, 12 de diciembre de 2009

Yellow flowers wild nature - December 12th.

This past week my inspiration is set in yellow mostly, something is going on in the vibration of color yellow in my life these days.
I dressed in yellow, I painted some sketches in yellow and today one of my favorite wild flowers had to come up on the canvas. I suddenly felt the urge to paint them.
I wanted to do a medium size painting, 22" x 22", but just today I'm out canvas for this size. So I grabbed one that Martin had reserved for one of his paintings and used it right away, the size of this one is 12" x 16".
Now, I am thinking how I am going to explain the missing canvas to Martin ;)
Any ideas ? ...

Thank you and enjoy the rainy freezing day!!

Title: "Golden days, yellow flowers"
Medium: oil on hand stretched canvas.

Size: 12" x 16"
Ready to hang or frame.
It will ready for shipping after January 12th. 2010

Purchase this painting
Price: regular price is $ 120, it is offered at $ 95 + $ 15 Shipping within continental U.S.A. for a limited time only.

email: mfallini@yahoo.com

©Copyright 2009 by Monica Fallini, all rights reserved.

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