miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010

Red poppies field - August 31st.

I'm really enjoying working on these late studies of fields of poppies in oils.
I like studying the different visual effects of working with brushes in different ways or working with palette knife creating texture, adding layers of color, working with color combination, studying the movement of the flowers and the grass.

The most exciting moment is adding and retouching the poppies, in the end they are the main characters.

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Title: "Red poppies field # 2"
Description: original oil on hand stretched canvas. Entirely painted with palette knife, impasto, textured.Size: 8" x 8".Price: $ 65 + $ 10 shipping within continental USA. It will be ready for shipping after September 30th.
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Email: mfallini@yahoo.com
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1 comentario:

Paulo Duarte dijo...

Olá! Muto Belos e Espectaculares trabalhos. Momentos "Flores para a Vida"
Felicidades e continuação de bons momentos cheios de "cor" luz e incentiva o olfacto. Belo.
Até sempre

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