miércoles, 25 de junio de 2008

Kind of vacation ... June 24th.

Hi! I'm back, I had a kind of vacation these days, I travel to Washington DC with my husband's karate school for the National championships, he represented the southwestern states and Texas in this competition and it was a wonderful experience for me !, I couldn't take my painting materials with me this time so it was like a vacation for me, it was a long time since I take one anyway... I didn't have time to do much sightseeing but what I could see was beautiful ! and one thing that I found really interesting and great was the multicultural character of this area, people from all over the world visiting and living there too, one can hear them speaking in different languages, that was great ! We met people from Camerun, Etiopia, Israel, Brazil, Iran, France, Italy, Japan, Venezuela, Panama, and of course from many different parts of the USA !!!
Now, back in my studio I am working on getting more art supplies to go back to work, I have many ideas in my mind and I cannot wait to put them on the canvas right away !

Thank you for your support and I will be posting new daily paintings soon. Have a wonderful day !!!
, Monica

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