miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Iris flower oil painting - October 21st.

A note to my followers:
Thank you to those that stopped by at Frisco Festival to see me and I especially want to express my apologies to those that came to the show to see me and didn’t find me, I had to leave earlier on Saturday afternoon back to my hotel room because I felt really sick. I am really sorry about that but I’m sure there will be another opportunity to meet soon. Thank you, thank you , thank you for understanding.
It was finally a bad cold and I’m still recovering…

About the painting:
The painting today is an Iris flower. Abstract. Oil on stretched canvas. I is on auction on e-bay at starting bid 49. Follow the link to bid:

Iris are a mystery for me, those intricate, capricious shapes… I’m not sure what they make me feel, they confuse me a little, but they are beautiful.

Would you like to listen to 2 of some of the songs I was listening while painting it?
Here are the links to the songs

Song 1
Song 2

The first one is argentinian musician Alejandro Lerner singing along with Ricardo Montaner. These two high level musicians write and perform the most sweet, loving and uplifting songs!

The second is Franco de Vita, a romantic great Hispanic musician.

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