martes, 27 de abril de 2010

3rd. Friday Arts Festival Winnsboro Texas

“3RD Friday” - Call for artists and public in general.

The “3RD Friday” Art Festival takes place in the heart of NE Texas. The city of Winnsboro plays host, and invites artists to bring painting, photography, prints, music, dance, performance, weaving/textiles, and hand-crafted ceramics, sculpture, and jewelry to this downtown Art Festival. The festivities center around The Depot at 100 E Broadway, and are held the 3RD Friday, and following Saturday of each month, with hours from 11am-7pm on Friday, and 11am-6pm on Saturday, Registration is required, but no vendor fees are being charged to participants. No food vendors, please. The public is invited. Come shop, support the arts, dine in great restaurants, and join in the festivities.

For further information, call the Cultural Arts District (903) 850-1662 or

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