miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

Triptych abstract painting - April 14th.

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This triptych marks a transition in my signature on my artwork. I started today signing "Monica Indira Fallini" on paintings, in the case of small works where there is no enough space I will abbreviate it with initials only "MIF" or sign it on the back.
Since it is a transition, there may be still some pieces signed "M.Fallini", I'll see how comfortable I am with this new signature.
Thank you.

This triptych can be hung in different ways, the order of the three paintings can be changed, there is no predetermined order.

Title: "Abstraction # 105682"

Medium: oil on hand stretched canvas.Size: 3 canvas of 8" x 8" each, total size: 8" x 24".
Price: $ 75 + $ 15 shipping within continental U.S.A.
Please consider that due to the thickness of impasto it needs extra drying time.

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Email: mfallini@yahoo.com

© Copyright 2010 by Monica Fallini. All rights reserved.

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